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What makes Cashburners different?

At Cashburners we think outside of the box. We are not greedy. We know that the better we serve our affiliates the more cash it will bring to both parties. That's why we offer 40 to 50 percent commission on every order. It is all about WIN/WIN.

We know what affiliates want. That's why offer all payouts by all methods including Paypal, Paxum, Entropay, Alertpay, Payoneer, and bank transfer. The transfers can be made in currencies of USD or EUR.

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The Fastest Growing Affiliate Program

Cashburners is one of the fastest growing top paying affiliate programs online. We are proud to offer you 40% to 50% commissions of each sale!

After joining you will get access to our excellent customer tracking software and statistics. You can download ready-made marketing material or create your own. Payments are processed in multiple currencies and shipping is done world-wide.


Top Converting Products

Cashburners offer a wide variety of high-converting products including herbal supplements, adult sex toys and more.

Best Herbal Viagra Affiliate Program


  • The program and all the marketing material is completely FREE (joining fee is returned with first payout).
  • We offer you images, banners and links which you can use and modify as much as you want!
  • While other affiliate programs pay around 5 to 20 percent of the sales we offer 40% to 50% of each sale!
  • Join today! CASHBURNERS is creating millionaires worldwide.

Cashburners is the top adult sex toy affiliate


Payments are made two times a month. We take care of all costs of charge backs, refunds and returns. Once you've made the cash, it won't be taken back from you! Cashburners transfers the money to you via Bank Transfer, Epassporte or PayPal transfer. We continually strive to keep our affiliates happy.


There are basically two ways you can promote our products. First is a basic banner/text link with your affiliate code. Each time a customer makes a purchase you will get nice share - 40 to 50 percent - of the product price.

Second way is to set up your very own branded store. You can do this by using our ready-made PHP website templates or by creating your own store from a scratch.

To help you promoting the products you have access to great amount of large product images. This is especially helpful if your planning to write product reviews.

What ever way you choose, we will offer you a great potential to make money online.

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Virtual Stores

Cashburners affiliate program offers you the possibility to create custom branded stores. Unlike other programs, the branded stores we offer are not just frames. They are fully functional web stores you can upload and modify to suit your needs.

This is almost a white label solution with all the advantages of normal affiliate program. All our shops use Securebill shopping cart which can be integrated to any webpage with PHP.

You get the traffic, SEO, and selling via Securebill. We handle the orders, shipping, and pay you up to 50% of the sales amount.

Top Converting Shops include adult sex toys, herbal supplements and more!

As a conclusion, for advanced webmasters the Cashburners affiliate program offers explosive possibilites compared to other programs!

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An International Affiliate Program

Wherever you are, whoever you are, you could realize your ultimate earning potential with Whether you’re in Southeast Asia or somewhere in Christmas Islands, feel free to join hundreds of affiliates who are silently earning thousand of dollars every month. Cashburners has affiliates in 150 countries and is able to help millions of people to earn what they really deserve.

Promote Products even on Snail Mail

Ever wonder of an affiliate program that allows you to market the hottest and fastest products even offline? provides everyone the opportunity to actually rake commissions even when they promote products through various offline marketing strategies such as snail mails and even flyers! Call your next door neighbor or even send a postcard to your friend in Arizona about the great products that you cater online with and earn the same commission rate.

No Joining Fee

The program is open for affiliates of all levels. Whether you are a professional making hundreds of dollars every day or an amateur with couple of sales a month - we are here to help you make money. There is no joining fee for the program. Sign up with Cashburners and join thousands of affiliates who are silently making hundred of dollars every week.

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